Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thank you to those who set this blog up!! And I LOVE the picture you put up of Trent!! We are still waiting.


  1. That was the picture MaryJo had up on the original blog we tried to get going (we hit some snags so we started over). Anyway, she picked a great one!

    And we're all so anxious...I know you're feeling that times 1000!

  2. We are so glad the surgery went well! We thought about Trent all night long. Thankful that the doctor was so skilled but I think an angel guided his hands. Be brave Trent, We know you already are. We love you.
    Hope they have a good cafeteria at the hospital to feed all your waiting room pals.
    We'll be waiting for updates. Much love, Fred and Sally xo xo