Thursday, July 26, 2012

text: 7/25, 7:17 a.m.

"Can't WAIT for surgery to get things stabilized. He had a very bad first half of the night. Wouldn't give a pain # like they want but said HIGH. Felt like he was choking, suction pulling from his nose area with every swallow. Kept saying he was bubbling inside  and I could hear the gurgles especially when he swallows. Before Robert left last night we were remarking how he's not saying "why me?" or anything like that. But last night he was very blue. I lay down beside him and held him a long long time. It was so hard to not be able to fix it for him. Dr Wilcox just in and will up his IV fluids since he can barely drink. He's sleeping now."

12:50 p.m.  "Dad and Mom just arrived.  Got Trent more cleaned up today and I even got his teeth brushed....been bleeding a bit more from the nose again.  He had more pain and nausea but meds are getting him knocked out again.  he is tracking normally now mentally (was a little off/strange first day because of concussion)."

9:02 p.m.  "One more update tonight. Trent became more and more swollen as the day went on. We were worried they'd cancel the upper part of the surgery but that surgeon came in tonight and said she can still do it. Then the surgeon who is doing the palate came in and said it is going to be a very difficult surgery. He has I think he said 3 options and will see how it goes once he's in there. He may need to fracture the palate the other direction as well. His partner (who is near retiring) has only performed one of the options once.
Dad and Mom arrived from Plentywood so great to have him. Roy and Wendy arrive tomorrow as well. 
We are seeing some concussion issues but that's to be expected!
Tonight we read the bible study together and after an interruption, Trent said, "Keep reading"...but quite honestly I think he and I did more nodding off than listening! Good night, thanks again to all, and tomorrow is THE DAY!"

I asked about the doctor and whether there would maybe be a more experienced doctor in CA and she responded:

"No.  This guy is well renowned and trained under some considered the very best."

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