Friday, July 27, 2012

Post op day 1

Good Morning!

Trent arrived back to the room last night late evening.  Even in the hallway he was trying to tell me, "They didn't get my bite right!!" He was in a lot of pain, and was very distraught that his jaws didn't seem to line up.  As for how he looks,well, let's just say we were shocked at how GOOD he looked!!! He was SO much better! Amazing how bones being a little off in your face can really change the appearance. Also, all his abrasions on his face that had been so disconcerting were healing so well, that when she was cleaning his face for surgery, she just took the scabs all off, and it is amazing how well they've already healed! Youth....

But back to his jaw. After he got settled in, he was showing us that when he bites naturally, the upper jaw was way off to the left. To get his lower jaw to fit into the splint, he had to jut his lower  jaw forward and over. Naturally, he felt like surgery had been a failure, and our euphoria went to worry.

This morning Dr. Kennedy came in at 6:45. When we explained to her about the jaw, she assured us that that upper jaw went together beautifully. She said it was rock solid and exactly where it should be, and that the reason the jaws aren't fitting together is because swelling is actually pushing the lower jaw out of place, so what seems like his "natural comfortable" bite is not really correct. She said absolutely no more surgery is needed on that palate, and that perhaps Dr. Griffeth will wire his teeth together (or use rubberbands, hopefully) to bring his jaws together. So that was great news!  She said his nose was really hard to put back together because it was so crushed, and that he'll likely need more surgery on that in the future.

His job today is to EAT. Since the accident Monday (which was before breakfast), he's had the sum total of one ice cream cup  (and you know how tiny those hospital ice creams are!) and one small pudding. Due to all the nausea, vomiting, and such, he's had no appetite.  So he is very slowly eating an ice cream. I told him I would not let him rest until he's eaten it! It would normally only take him about 3 swallows to get one of those cups down, and he's been working on it for about 1/2 hour.

As far as putting pictures on this blog, Trent is not ready for that yet. He's going to look just fine, probably no different than before, but as he gets closer to his usual appearance, he'll likely be ok with putting some photos up. But for now, we'll leave those off.

We continue to feel so grateful for all your love and support, for the excellent care we are receiving, and for the help from our Father. I am sorry I've not been able to answer you all individually, but we are ever so grateful!!


  1. Thank you Elaine. We have been wondering and wondering how things were going for Trent this morning. So thank you for the update. Give our greetings to Trent! Julia Brist

  2. Thanks for your update!! Glad to hear his jaw is "rock solid" and where it should be!! Whew....! Keep on, Trent!!!! :-) Now I would love someone to give me that order! ha. So glad to hear you came through surgery every day things will just get better and better! Kyla was so giddy after she heard you made it out of surgery and all went well!! ...I think we all felt that way! Love you much!!!!

  3. Wish we could take away the hours and days and weeks ahead of pain and misery!! SO glad surgery went so successfully...I know this next part isn't fun either. Poor guy!

  4. So happy to hear that Trent is doing well. Don has lots of ideas for soft foods if you need any. :) What an experience and he'll appreciate seeing his pictures in a few months to see how far he has come!! Good luck in the rest of the recovery.

    Don and LeAnn Klinetobe

  5. So very glad to hear that surgery went well. It's amazing what we have in our day to help put things back together. Tell Trent he's one up on me, I just have one plate and a few screws :) We miss you all and think of you A LOT!

  6. :-)
    Excellent excellent excellent!

  7. So happy to read this. Glad he is able to be worried about 'his bite.' : ) Boy, think of the milkshakes he'll be able to have! Give him this grandma's love.


  8. decided to just repost my comment from FB: Our dear friends ~ We are so joy-full, thank-full, and peace-full knowing that surgery was a success and our Trent is well on his way to healing. We appreciate so much the time you take, Elaine, to update all of us. Do not even think about trying to answer us individually. It is not necessary and not expected. We just want you to know that we are thinking of Trent, you and all of the family. If a few words from us can bring you comfort and lift your spirits than it is all good. ♥ Patty and Andy

  9. Great to hear of the positive progress in the journey of healing. We are thinking of you all. Ronhaar Family

  10. Dear Robert & Elaine, Trent, Jared & Byron ~ Many thoughts have been going your way. When one member suffers, all members suffer. Isn't that so true?! Thinking how difficult this would be for all of you. So glad the surgery went well and the doctors are pleased so far. Now we all hope for a good recovery for that handsome 'tall boy' of yours!
    Love, Ellen Larson

  11. We have not met your family, but we have been following your posts about Trent since Monday. So glad surgery went well and he seems to be healing well--being young and healthy helps! Thinking of you all there in Montana and hoping you'll be able to go home soon!

    Shirley and Lee Fiegi in Oregon

  12. We are thinking of you guys everyday. I am so happy to hear that things are going well. Trent is an amazing young man and has an amazing family to help him pull through this. We will be checking this blog frequently for updates and keeping you in our prayers. Continue to get better Trent, you are on the road to recovery!!