Thursday, July 26, 2012

text: 7/26, 8:05

I asked Elaine about bruising and whether that would get worse for awhile.  Her response:

"Likely, but that's all ok.  Will come out with some battle scars but they'll be small.  Right now he's forgetful...asks me to tell him what all the surgeon said...10 minutes later it's like he never knew.....but it's not like that with everything....and he knows it and is frustrated by it.  Know it's not meds because same meds as Tuesday and Wed he felt forgetful and different than Tuesday.  All part of concussion."

I expressed nervousness about the surgery.  Her comments:

"Yeah, the palate one is going to be so challenging.  He may have to basically break the maxilla right to left as well.  Palate shifted in night.  Left msg for Dr.  Hope it doesn't delay surgery because he already made splint....  Thinking about it, it shouldn't."

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