Monday, July 30, 2012

CT scan

Dr came in this morning and ordered a CT scan of Trent's vessels in his neck. He just feels that it's wise to check them because with the kind of force he sustained, sometimes a part of a vessel can sheer off, like a flap, and can cause blood clots, which of course would not be good headed to the brain! So he'll have that done this afternoon.  They did stop the feedings (he still has the tube), and he's been eating very slowly but surely. Got one pancake and about 1/3 of the scrambled eggs in so far today. We reallllly want to go home today!!!


  1. Sure hope it works out for Trent to go home today!! Glad the eating is progressing - everyday gets better and better. Sure glad for all the positive updates yesterday too!! Elaine - it was so good to see your folks Sunday morning and told them to give you a big hug for me!! Still sending lots of thoughts and care and good luck vibes and hugs for all of you!! Go Trent!!

  2. Thanks for each of your updates, Elaine. I hope the next one says that you have been released from the hospital!!! Think of all of you often!

  3. Good job with the food Trent. Glad your docs are careful! Will look forward to news of a release!!!! :-)

  4. <3 this! (It wouldn't let me post to your latest update... HE'S RELEASED!) YAY!

  5. Dear Trent........You are the Best! Look at how you did it!

    Dear Elaine..........You are the Best! Look at what your TLC did!

    Dear Robert and Brothers.....You are the Best! Look at what your support did!

    Dear Friends far and wide.......You are the Best! Look at what our prayers did!

    Dear get some will still be the best.

    Love and care from Jim and Sharolyn Smidt, Des Moines