Friday, July 27, 2012

Feeding Tube...or not?

Here's the scoop for today.Trent is looking great, but still has not been able to eat, so he's getting weaker and weaker. This last walk, he was so unsteady and dizzy. Trent had  a real hard day eating due to the severe pain he feels in all his nose etc when he swallows.(This has been an issue since the accident)  Dr. Kennedy ordered a feeding tube put in tomorrow. That didn't go over well, as you can imagine. But she took out the nasal packing which seems to have helped the swallowing immensely.(Allows the pressure to equalize when he swallows).  THEN Dr. Griffeth came in and said his bite IS off but that happens some so he brought wires and elastics and ended up using elastics to try get his bite to shift. They had to take the muscle off the jaw so that jaw is really disrupted so not surprising. Anyway, he doesn't really think he needs a feeding tube, and he got a syringe and basically fed Trent some chocolate milk thru it. But with the packing out, seems like the pain in his nose with swallowing has lessened, so it went way better than it has been going. So we've ordered several Ensures and are going to give him some hourly thru the night in hopes of staving off the feeding tube.


  1. :( the pain must be horrible. poor guy. Hope he's able to cheat the feeding tube!

  2. Our hearts ache for Trent. It won't be an easy recovery. He is young and that is in his favor. Plus he has a really good nurse...his mother!
    Patty and Andy

  3. Dear Petersons .. we know that Trent is the SUPERHERO here, but we also know that family standing by and watching progress made/happen in sometimes very small increments, also become heroes! Please, please eat for us, Trent. We'd all love to share extra weight with you, but that isn't an option! We're thinking of you constantly - I loved the basketball, socks, etc! Heidi will especially identify with that. Love to all from S CA - Sally A

  4. Dear Petersons,
    Thinking of you all so much through these past days!! We are so glad the surgery was a success and you have such good care and support! Trent we are all rooting for you!! Love, Erlandsen family