Thursday, July 26, 2012

First text, July 23, 3:58 p.m.

This is how news first was relayed, via text (the following posts will be all the texts received, in the order received).  There are two different set of texts that were received (Kerin received the first, I received the second).  I've included both---even though it's rather confusing and mine were received out of order---but there's a little different information in each, so excuse the redundancy:  (Also "st v's" refers to St. Vincent's hospital, Billings MT)

"Trent in motorcycle wreck on farm. Ambulanced to st v's. Here's a list of his injuries.
1)C4(neck) fracture but stable won't probably need surgery but waiting for spine Dr
2)leforte 3 on one side(so you can look it up) which is fractures of his maxilla (cheekbones) 
3)leforte 2-3 on other
4) broken hard palate (bone making roof of mouth) from front to back
5) possible elbow fracture
Been vomiting lots of blood
Admitting him and facial surgeon to see him up there. May be too swollen for surgery. Often have to wait a week or so."

"Facial dr just here.  Went over CT with us.  It is a leforte 3 on one side and a 2 (not 1 as previously thought) on other.  Orbital bones broken on one side will need plate as well as plate under right maxilla (cheekbone).  Numerous other breaks as well but some are not fixable because they are too far back in the head but the muscles of chewing will help bring some bones back into place and the others are offset but not enough to be noticed.  His nose is broken in many pieces with one bone almost coming thru skin.  They'll attempt fixing but with so many broken may be hard for them to stay in place and likely need rhinoplasty (nose job) in a yr or so as those bones too small for screws.  She's contacting another surgeon about the palate break.  Wouldn't do surgery for 5-7 days anyway so she's going to call our CA drs and we likely will just go home.  I've been cleaning him up.  He's on morphine.

I'll tell you all a little more about the wreck.  Robert took Trent up and down the lane this morning before we were to leave for Plentywood a couple times then let him go on his own.  No helmet.  "Just the lane"...We, who are so conscious of the end of the quarter mile lane, we saw him go down.  We started running and there was no movement from Trent.  I knew the ditch has water so was worried about that. Feared he was unconscious in the ditch. We ran what seemed like forever but about 3/4 of the way down (Tyler way ahead) he stood up and staggered and fell face forward as he lost consciousness again.  As we got on the scene he was face down with lots of bleeding.  Got him turned on his side and supported his spine when the vehicle that had flown by when we were running backed up and offered to call 911.  I immediately saw facial fractures and the roof of his mouth separated.  Cop arrived first (Robert knew him).  Fire dept next (Steve Fendler, one of friends) and ambulance nxt (man knew Robert and lady knows Donna).  Tyler came got kids and said that it looks like Trent's face broke a post.  He also has loose/chipped teeth.  Waiting now in hospital room for spine dr."

That was the extent of the first texts that I received.

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