Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What a Wonderful Welcome Home!!

When we arrived Friday night, we turned into our court, and crossing the street by our driveway, was a line of people holding balloons and cheering! It was an awesome feeling to be home, and then to be greeted like that made it ever so special! Friends and neighbors were out, and once again, we couldn't believe what people have done for us! After some hugs and tears, we went inside only to find a big "Welcome Home, Trent" banner, flowers, a huge teddy bear (complete with a band-aid on his nose) ,a huge dinner, a stocked fridge and freezer, gifts for Byron (his birthday) and Jared (just because). There was a stack of cards for Trent that had come in the mail, and after everybody left, as Trent sat and read them, we tried to digest all that has been done for us. Our crisis was so small compared to what so many people go thru...and yet so much has been done for us...far more than we ever imagined or deserved...and we all look forward to being able to pay it forward someday.

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