Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dr appt, and CT scan

Our original appt with Dr. Griffeth was on Friday, but he didn't want us to wait that long.  This is not his normal day to be in the office, but had just told us whenever we could come, either Wed or Thursday, he'd meet us there. Talk about service! This morning I got a text from him and he had another big surgery he needed to go to, so the sooner we could get to Billings, the better.  He did another CT and Xray, and was very pleased with the progress. He did remove his splint in his mouth, but left the arch bars of course, so it will be so much easier for Trent to eat and talk now. With the plate securely in place holding his upper jaw in place, he should be ok without the splint.

Trent said it's time to post pix, so I'll include a few in the next post.

Today was a real "let-down" day. Any of you who have gone thru anything similar know what I mean.

Tonight we had a little birthday party for Byron. Grandma made a cake for him and we invited Steve and Kim and Brock and Willow over. Was so nice. 

Tomorrow (technically today) we hit the road!!!


  1. Wow!! You guys have packed so much in to such a short time as far as surgeries and recovery, etc Trent is doing what are the traveling plans?

  2. I want to thank you for sharing this road to recovery with us (and Trent too!)--it is really appreciated! So glad Trent is making such wonderful progress! Wishing you an uneventful trip home!