Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Arch Bar removal/insurance

Today was a great day for Trent! He had a CT scan done and his arch bars removed by the oral surgeon! The CT showed he's healing well, however, the fratures are still very visible. Dr. Wong told us it will take at least 6 months before they fully heal. However, even in spite of that, he'll soon be free to play basketball! He said it (his face) may hurt, but that he'll be stable enough for it. Amazes us! And now we can see why it hurt the other day when he tried to run a few steps! The plate on the roof of his mouth has also healed well. He could not even feel it when he examined him.

Then, we got home and opened the mail. Surprise! Bills have started coming in from Billings. And guess what they said? "Submitted to Blue Shield. Denied. Patient not enrolled in the Billings provider managed care plan on the date of service." Over and over. Grump! So tomorrow I will call the insurance and try to get them to pay!

Next week on Monday Trent sees the spine guy and gets his neck brace off!


  1. So happy to hear that he has healed so well! That's just amazing and wonderful! Sorry to hear that the insurance is going to be difficult for you! Best wishes in getting that straightened out quickly and successfully! Thanks for posting and keeping us updated!!

  2. Bummer on the insurance. Might be worth contacting the case manager you had at St. V's for help and suggestions. Don't give up - I'm sure it can be fixed! Good luck!